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Empowering young children with knowledge, nourishment and nurturing is key to setting them on the right path to thrive at school, and beyond. 

Bonisa Educare


Brenda Ntsila is the amazing and determined founder of Bonisa Educare. Since 2005, she has selflessly cared for 30 young children in a makeshift shack beside her home. In 2024, Semela assisted in funding the rebuild of this centre and Brenda and the local moms are thrilled about the new structure which can now comfortably accommodate over 90 kids. The Bonisa Nursery is a lifeline for the community, providing a safe-haven where kids can thrive while their parents are at work.


  • We have contributed significantly towards the costs of erecting the new structure

Little Darlings


Little Darlings ECD Center, was established in 2010 and welcomes children aged 3 – 5 years of age from diverse backgrounds. Little Darlings once accommodated over 30 children, drawing families as far away as the Northern Suburbs.

However, the pandemic unfortunately brought about significant challenges. COVID-19 struck hard, compelling Shafeeqa, the owner, to make difficult decisions, including the relocation of operations from a dedicated building into her own home.

We hope to aid Little Darlings in the rebuilding and reimagining of its Centre back to where it was pre-pandemic.


  • We have already set up temporary classroom infrastructure which will aid expansion 
  • We have planted a vegetable garden
  • We have aided the improvement of the kid’s play area

CMR ECD Centres


CMR is a non-profit organisation that facilitates outreach projects in communities from rural locations. Their primary focus is establishing, facilitating, monitoring, and fundraising for small-scale ECD centres. Volunteers in the communities provide teaching and facilities for young children who would otherwise not have adequate daycare.


  • We ensure that children receive daily meals as well as educational toys and games
  • This year, we are sending their teachers for training and are funding a portion of their community vegetable garden

I Can Academy


Alletta Frans commenced her involvement in this program while serving as a teacher in a school, initially named “Help to Read”. Later, she expanded her dedication beyond the school setting to encompass the wider community, investing nearly two years in this initiative. Alletta now ensures the provision of daily porridge to over 80 children and distributes loaves of bread to about 500 individuals every Friday. Notably, she warmly welcomes children without birth certificates and those living on the streets into her care.


I Can Academy  is not currently a formally registered ECD centre, and therefore Semela will assist in establishing a registered, accountable and sustainable ECD centre. Semela will build a new classroom, kitchen and bathroom space, build a veggie garden, facilitate the training of teachers and invest in classroom resources.

Pinocchio ECD Centre


Pinocchio was opened in Green Point in 1984 to care for the children of domestic workers, nannies and gardeners who work in the Atlantic Seaboard area. Pinocchio has a long history of supporting a community in need, and of keeping the children within its walls safe and happy – and within close proximity to their parents, which is a rare occurrence. Pinocchio is dedicated to its mission, often spending years fundraising to provide their children with the best facilities for their education. 


  • We have paid off their curriculum debt under Grow Educare
  • We have assisted with painting of their play area and provided of planter boxes for a vegetable garden

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